Woman on train lets her dog, seated, drink off the table. Am I wrong to be horrified?


SCOTT SOLDER is a former senior radio executive who, when we met, was a leading player at LBC. He is now a successful communications consultant and recently, while travelling on a train, posed this question to his Facebook followers. . .


“I AM having bizarre train experience. Woman seated opposite has produced a Tupperware container from her bag, filled it with water and placed it on the table in order for her dog to drink.

“So, basically, we have a dog sitting in a seat, slurping and spilling water all over the table in front of me. Am slightly grossed out. Am I wrong?”

Replies from his Facebook followers flew in thick and fast. Some funny, some outraged, some even sided with the dog!

See what YOU think. . . then add YOUR thoughts below.

NO-NONSENSE: The dog should be on the floor!

RELAXEZ-VOUS: Nothing more comedic than a dog eating or drinking. EMbrace the moment!

SAFETY FIRST: If it’s a terrier complain. If a Rottweiler, find another seat!

UNDECIDED: Does she have something to clean it down with afterwards? Some people seem to have cleaner dogs than children.

IN A PICKLE: Once on a train to Coventry the woman opposite decided to change her baby’s very dirty nappy on our charged table. Put me right off my cheese and pickle sandwich!

CHILD MINDER: Give me a dog on a train anytime over some children I have seen!

JUST RUDE: Put your laptop on the table and tell her to piss off!

TORY SNOB: Are you wrong? Not at all. Not wishing to sound ‘too Jeremy Clarkson’ but your real problem here is public transport. Until they introduce a decent policy to ban the riff-raff I’ll stick to my car.

THE CASE IN FAVOUR: I’d find it really cute but I love dogs. Not everyone does so good manners and common sense would be to give the dog water on the floor. You’re not supposed to feed dogs at a table as it supposedly elevates them to your status in ‘the pack’. Today a bit of lamb from your plate, tomorrow it’ll be wearing your clothes and hogging the remote control! What breed was it? [SCOTT: I think it was a spaniel] Oh, spaniels can get away with almost anything on account of their particularly appealing yet sad eyes!

EU VIEW: Moi je lui aurais donné à boire par terre pourtant j’adorais mon chien Maupiti.

DONT JUST SIT THERE: It should be on the floor. Tell her!

SECONDER: Yuk! How disgusting, tell her it is not acceptable.

DOG HATER: Dogs shouldn’t be allowed on trains, except for guide dogs, let alone be allowed to do something so revolting.

DOGGONE!: I’m a dog lover but I wouldn’t let them on a seat or drink on the table, they would be on the floor. You are right to feel grossed out.

SLURPA TENSING: Do the same with your coffee and see what happens.

LAST WORD: Maybe she had bought the dog a ticket?



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