WELL DONE, CO-OP INSURANCE! Jean and Bernie lose their outside loo


AN ELDERLY COUPLE WITH HEALTH PROBLEMS who were forced to use an outside loo in the back garden for four weeks after their bathroom sprang a leak now have a brand new INDOOR bathroom back, thanks to Co-op Insurance and The Clarion.

Jean and Bernie Eisenhauer of Branxton Village, Northumberland, had been without indoor toilet or shower facilities since builders working sent in by the Co-op ripped out the floor and wall tiles of the bathroom – along with all the fittings – in mid-February (read the full story HERE). https://www.voiceofthenorth.net/?p=7287&preview=true

After that, work came to a halt until The Clarion stepped in on the Eirenhauers’ behalf and explained to Co-op Insurance the difficulties the couple faced.

Within days the Co-op sprang into action. Press Relations manager Aimi McNeil dedicated herself to solving the problem and overcoming the builders’ delays and difficulties getting supplies caused by the COVID-19 lockdown.

And within a week an overjoyed Jean Eisenhauer contacted The Clarion to say: “The plumber arrived yesterday and reinstalled everything  after the builders came and re-laid our floors and replaced the tiles. After you got everything going for us  we had three phone calls: from the Co-op, Sedgewick (the Co-op Insurance assessors) and from the contractors to make sure we were happy with the work.

“It will look better than ever by the time they have finished! Really looking forward to tomorrow, when our home will be our own again.”

And sure enough, the following day a final delighted message from Jean declared: “The builders finished yesterday, the lad from the contractors turned up with Easter eggs and flowers as compensation for the delays!

“I must admit the contractors have pulled out all the stops to get it right, I just wish it could have been done right from the start. Many thanks to you and The Clarion. We are so grateful; without your intervention we would still be out in the cold.”

Clarion editor David Banks writes: “Grateful as I am for Jean’s thanks, I have to pay tribute to Aimi McNeil and the Co-op team: once they were made aware of the real problems the delays were causing for an elderly couple who were shielding from the pandemic they pulled out all the stops to help. It was a fine effort and a happy ending all round.”


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