Wannabe famous for fifteen minutes and rich for doing nothing? Take trip to Love Island


Leading showbiz agent JON ROSEMAN boasted a star-studded client list. He laments the rise of  the workshy Wannabes


LOVE ISLAND? I have never seen a single second of ITV’s ‘Big Brother-with-Bigger-Breasts-and-Sixpacks’ and it is a foolish man who writes on a subject about which he knows little. That has never stopped me before.

Showbiz was once my biz and I retain a knowledgable interest, so I’ve read a lot about the recent top-rating low-life ‘reality’ programme that the tabloids have labelled ‘a more glamorous Big Brother’.

Now there was a series that pandered to the lowest common denominator. That said, many a talentless BB nobody made a few quid on the back of his or her willingly achieved notoriety and I’m sure the same will apply to the contestants from Love Island.

Contestants? Hmm. . . what kind of person would even apply to be on a programme like this? Answer: people who don’t want to work for a living.

This is yet another television carrot dangled before a slavering generation of wannabes with little or no talent which offers the tempting prospect of making big money without having to work.

Each series, I read, has been a massive success, drawing in millions of viewers. As a result, it will almost automatically make considerable sums of money beyond their TV fees for the latest series winners, Amber Davies and Kem Cetinay.

Say cheesy? Amber and Kem share a smacker for the Love Island cameras

We will no doubt to see them sprawled across billboards advertising anything from condoms to sanitary pads, practising their charms presenting low-grade TV shows, guesting on This Morning and the rest of breakfast telly boredom.

Even the losers, assuming they can read, write or make themselves understood to a ghost writer, might get an occasional newspaper or magazine column, God help us!

And in six months, where will they be? Well, if they follow the same pattern as their Big Brother role models. . . nowhere. They will slip back into anonymity. No bad thing!

So what is the point of these ramblings of mine? Just this: the show is a beacon for a generation which believes that working for a living is not only tiresome but unnecessary.

Germans, famously, have in their language a are the only people in the world with a word for taking delight in other people’s misfortunes. Schadenfreude. Now, we have a word for a talentless freeloader. Wannabe.

Rant over. I need a glass of wine. . .



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