The President of the Umiliated States of America has spoken on the emergence of Donald Trump Jr. into the Russia Conspiracy. And mis-spoken. Then blamed the media for its fake news. Now he’s gone uncharacteristically silent. So DAVID BANKS suggests a Twitterstorm strategy. . .

DONALD Trump Jr? Sure, he has my name, I mean it’s a great name, but I barely know the guy. However I hear that he’s a high quality guy.

Many people have told me he’s a criminal, he’s shady, he’s unhinged. I personally don’t know the guy. Why would I know a guy like that?

Technically… truthfully… I made a very small deposit with Ivana and she caused the deal to go bad. Donald Jr is not my problem.

I don’t think I ever met him. It’s possible that I walked into a room and he was sitting there but I don’t think I ever met him. I only leased him my name, it’s a beautiful lease, greatest lease known to mankind, but Fake News still wants you to believe he’s my son.

My son, my son-in-law, campaign manager, security advisor & my hairdresser have kept me and the  Vice President totally out of the loop  on this one since June, 2016, believe me!
Anyway, I am ‘The Donald’, he’s just a Donald.

Now this Jared Kushner dude, who the fuck is he? What’s he doing with my daughter-deputy? The Russians need to get to the bottom of this!

MEANWHILE, the Voice of the North editor asks: Why does everyone involved with President Trump look like a scene-stealer in a Coen brothers movie (see below)?


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