Trumping Christian values by MURRAY FORSETER

Though I keep few cookies around the house – I’m diabetic, you know – I’m thinking of ordering a box or two of the thin mints proffered by our local Girl Scout as a sign of my solidarity with the organization after the Catholic archbishop of St. Louis questioned whether Girl Scouts are in sync with good Christian values.
The Archdiocese of St. Louis is scaling back ties with the Scouts because of the organization’s support for transgender rights, homosexuality and other issues (
Cookie protests are au courant these days, what with Donald Trump saying he has sworn off Oreos ever since Nabisco moved its bakeries to Mexico. But I digress.
The hypocrisy of those professing to expound religious values can be seen from the accompanying link, courtesy of Francis X. Clines. You will note the archbishop is no angel when it comes to protecting children:
For another perspective on evangelical Christian values as they relate to support for Trump’s presidential candidacy, read Peter Wehner’s Op-Ed piece in The New York Times If you have time and inclination, also read some of the thousand or so comments his column generated.
Trying to topple Trump has become a full-time job for Republican party apparatchiks and pundits. To no avail given the recent results of the Super Tuesday primaries. Comedian John Oliver spent 22 minutes of his TV show Sunday night defanging the Trump myth, including a segment on The Donald’s original family name – Drumpf. Again, if you have the time, it’s well worth the effort:
Meanwhile, reports insist that Republican Party establishment insiders are pondering the notion of backing a presidential run independent of the candidate chosen through the party’s primary system and ratified by the national convention if that candidate is called Donald Trump! So let’s take this idea step by step to its logical conclusion:
1. Trump becomes the Republican candidate, enjoying second line status in polling stations across America.
2. Republican grandees engage in figurative hand-to-hand combat to choose an alternative slate acceptable to the Rubio-Cruz et al factions of the party.
3. Trump goes ballistic, raining down more fire on them than on the Democratic nominee.
4. Assume that the Dems’ nominee is Hillary Clinton and that, against a divided Republican field, Hillary  becomes the second Clinton to win the presidency in a three-way race (for you young ’uns, in 1992 Bill Clinton defeated incumbent president George H.W. Bush and the Independent Ross Perot).
5. My forecast: assuming the Republicans maintain control of the House and Senate, they will attempt to impeach Hillary on charges related to alleged misuse of her private email server while Secretary of State.
Just keep in mind – we, the United States of America, are considered the greatest democracy in the world!


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