Till divorce do us part…


Forgive me if I don’t dance with glee at news that two wealthy divorcees are to be allowed to claim more from their former spouses.

If they were done out of their due then good luck to them but the fact is that their original settlements were generous enough…..one of them got £10.3 million……for them to afford legal representation.

Most ex-wives aren’t so lucky. If fathers won’t pay maintenance they’re stuck. They can’t get legal aid, they can’t afford a lawyer, their only resource is the Child Support Agency and, in most cases, that’s as much use as a chocolate fireguard.

One woman I know is struggling to bring up three children on her minimum wage. She doesn’t get maintenance from the children’s father because he has told the CSA he’s homeless and unemployed.

In fact, he lives with the woman he walked out for, runs a prosperous business and drives a £40,000 car. The CSA will pursue basic wage earners because its easy. The “no VAT for cash” brigade go unchallenged because tracking them is too much trouble.

I don’t belong to the school of thought which says men always come out on top but, in the case of divorce and separation, its usually the woman who is left holding the baby.

Unless she had the foresight to marry a millionaire. of course. In divorce, as in many areas of life in Britain, justice is no longer a right, it’s a luxury.


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