HE WASN’T due to start work at the White House until August 15 yet a today, July 31, Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci has been given his marching orders, according to the New York Times.

That’s some kind of unemployment record. By my reckoning he owes Trumpton two weeks severance pay!

We’ve kept yoghurt in our fridge longer than Trump kept Scaramucci!

Apparently he’s been removed by Trump at the insistence of newly appointed Chief of Staff ‘Generalissimo’ John Kelly.

Who’s running the rattletrap runaway railway train that Washington has become?

And what kind of loser must Hillary Clinton have been to not to win against this lunatic crew?

BBC Newsnight hot shot Emily Maitlis recorded the first interview with the little creep in which Scaramucci declared he preferred stabbing opponents in the front rather than the back – it’s not yet clear where HE got HIS.

Questions it raises:

1. How many clean slates does a new president need?

2. In future will everyone be White House Comms Director for fifteen minutes?

3. Will Putin step in to help his pal The DONALD this time around? Will Morth Korea choose the confusion to send Trump a rocket?

Your thoughts are welcomed. Keep ’em cleaner than Scaramucci could!



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