A reader asks: ‘Why all the bras and thongs, Banksy?’


WHEN A READER’S EMAIL BEGINS “Mr Banks, why are your articles surrounded by adverts for BraCli Original Pearl Thongs, featuring women’s pert bottoms and coy topless poses?”, Voice of the North feels a duty of explanation to all.

Firstly, and most importantly, we at VoTN do not control the advertising that appears on an individual’s screen. Most of it is individually tailored to that individual based on a rather sinister record of his or her previous ‘wwwindow shopping’  trips kept by that google-eyed monster at NetHQ, wherever that is. Indeed, my own hi-tec footsteps have been dogged for some years now by a particular brand of bedroom slipper I once innocently checked out (yes, I’m at that sort of age!’). Where I go, the slipper ad follows.

in the case of Mr Arthur Snodgrass, UK ex-pat resident of Spain, his ‘camp follower’ was altogether more interesting, as the above photo shows. Together, however, we managed to work out quite WHY this vision of loveliness should be so doggedly follow an old, retired and – I believe – exhausted former Fleet Street scribe to the ends of the earth.

You may care to view Arthur Snodgrass’s original query, posted as a comment to an article I wrote almost one year ago (‘Scram, Scaramucci!’) – which suggests that Mr Snodgrass has spent twelve months lustfully turning to repeated viewings of his personal post before deciding to register a protest – by pressing HERE.

I make no apology for reprinting the vision that Mr Snodgrass sees every time he opens the latest column on Voiceofthenorth.net. While not inclined to begin a tradition of seeking the flimsiest of excuses to run near-naked Page Three girls within these august columns, it seems on this occasion only fair that all should see what Arthur Snodgrass sees.



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