‘Give us a break in lockdown’ plea to Berwick MP


Following a number of emails and comments From Clarion readers to this website this request  has been emailed to Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick upon Tweed (pictured above):

Dear Ms Trevelyan,

Yesterday evening during the PM’s televised coronavirus Q&A the deputy chief medical officer for England, Jonathan Van-Tam said “a national circuit breaker lockdown would be difficult to justify for low infection areas”.
He added: “A national lockdown at the moment would be inappropriate for communities in Cornwall and East Anglia. 
“The epidemiology is so varied across England that I think it would be very difficult to justify for some communities. In areas where [the virus] is out of control hard measures are needed. 

“Do I think it is appropriate to insist on those similar hard measures…where levels of disease are really very, very much lower? No, I don’t think that’s right.”

The latest map of COVID cases in Northumberland shows most of the county has virtually no cases

Looking at Public Health England’s ‘cases and deaths’ map of Northumberland, that surely applies to every part of the Berwick upon Tweed constituency.

Many of your constituents – farmers, businessmen/women and tourism and hospitality workers as well as locked-down families – are also my readers and the growing feeling in the constituency is that we are unfairly penalised for the problems experienced in the southern, urban areas of the county. 

Will you please use your influence to persuade the government that in a county like Northumberland, with a wide variance of both disease incidence and compliance, there is a strong case for relieving barely-affected areas (perhaps based on county council wards) from the strict controls imposed elsewhere?

Yours sincerely,


Editor, www.voiceofthenorth.net


  1. Nice letter Dave but she will most likely ignore it like she does so many of the letters and emails she receives from her constituents that in some way challenge her position or party. Or, at best, you will receive a glib response that does little to answer your concerns.
    We deserve a better MP, one whoat least can think independently and not always blithely follow the party line even when it is so obviously out of kilter with reasonable thinking.


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