Soft brexit, hard brexit,
rough brexit, smooth brexit,
loud brexit, quiet brexit,
brexit to go,
brexit to stay,
brexit on toast, brexit by the coast,
brexit here, brexit there,
brexit every-blooming-where,
some enchanted brexit, brexit and chips,
the last brexit, the first brexit,
unleaded brexit, everlasting brexit,
waterproof brexit, windproof brexit,
childproof brexit, thermo-brexit,
hyper-brexit, macro brexit, micro brexit,
overhead brexit, supersonic brexit, curried brexit,
worried brexit, brexit fondue, brexit false, brexit true,
brexit down the loo.

Try no brexit. Please, go brexit.
Oh, oh, oh brexit.You’re a sham, brexit,
a pretence, brexit, you make no sense brexit,
you’re for the washed-up, the cynic, brexit,
you need treatment at the clinic, brexit ,
walk away brexit, you’ve had your day, brexit,
a façade, a pretence, an illusion, brexit,
a bringer of confusion, brexit,
that’s enough, brexit, stuff brexit,
disappear, out of here , you’re loony, brexit,
you’re no George Clooney, brexit,
on your bike, take a hike,
let’s banish brexit, just vanish, brexit,
UK? no way, brexit, make my day, brexit,
sling your hook, brexit, it sucks, does brexit, you’re absurd brexit,
mark my word, brexit.
You make no one smile brexit, you’re spit and bile, brexit,
you’re all anti, brexit, I don’t fancy you, brexit,
you’re dark, you’re painted black, brexit, you’re full of cack, brexit.
You’re white is right, brexit, you look for a fight, brexit.
You can’t walk tall, brexit, you’d build a wall, brexit,
you’d keep ‘em all out brexit, you’re all bellow and shout, brexit,
you’re bulldog rant, brexit, you’re blinkered cant, brexit
You’re tired and pathetic brexit, you’re non-balletic brexit,
you’re a burnt-out case, you’re the inhuman race,
a folly, brexit, never jolly, brexit, you cannot dance or sing,
you cannot soar on the wing. A confession brexit,
you’re borne of depression brexit, you’re not the singer,
you’re not the song, brexit,
you’re when all hope is gone, brexit.
You’re nostalgia soured, the bud that never flowered,
you’re as dry as dust, brexit, you’re the dream gone bust, brexit,
the chill wind, brexit, the prejudice tinned, brexit.
You turn my soul to lead, brexit.
How I wish that you were dead, brexit.
Please exit, brexit.




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