Even Nick Ferrari agrees: Trump’s ban on British grandad is WRONG!


VoiceoftheNorth.net is trying hard to make this site a Trump-Free Zone.

But our TFZ policy came unhinged today after news that a British passport holder who has lived in the U.K. For 40 years had been denied access to the USA

Even right-wing shock jock Nick Ferrari, fan of Farage and torchbearer for Trump, finds American president’s action “outrageous”. Listen to the LBC presenter’s reaction here.

The would-be visitor, named only as ‘Robert’, who has travelled to the USA “many times” and only recently returned from a trip there, was suddenly barred from visiting under President Trump’s travel ban.

Nick Ferrari labelled Robert’s treatment by US Authorities as “wrong” and “outrageous” after he was turned away from the US because he was born in Sudan.

Yesterday, the US President reinstated his travel ban, stopping people born in six countries – Syria, Iran, Libya, Yemen, Somalia and Sudan – from entering the country.

That means that Robert, who has lived in Britain for 40 years and seen all his children and grandchildren born here, is not allowed to visit for his godson’s wedding this week.

Robert said: “I was born in Khartoum in the Sudan in 1948 and my family left when there was a civil unrest.

“I was only 15 years old and we moved to Israel, so I’ve also got Israeli nationality as well as British nationality. I’ve lived in the United Kingdom for 40 years. I’ve got children, I’ve got grandchildren and I’m barred from travelling to America. Why?”

Good question which, in the absence of any answer from Mr T (and in order not to further breach our TMz policy), VoiceoftheNorth.net leaves to you.


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