Our Easter egg hunt is still on. . . for the benevolent Bunny


IT’S BEEN A WEEK since the Easter Bunny hopped past the twenty or so houses that are strung along our one-street village and Crookham’s Easter egg hunt is still in full swing.

Well, not so much an Easter egg hunt as a hunt for the benevolent bunny. . .

For in the classic case of the Holiday Whodunnit, sitting on our doorstep on the morning of Easter Sunday was a ‘Smarties’ boxed chocolate egg.

The work of our kind neighbours, we thought. But no! Our friends on either side had also been left identical eggs. So had their neighbours. As had the residents as far down the street as you cared to look.

The ladies at the village hall knit ‘n’ natter session were agog. Their needles clicked but the solution to the great whodunnit didn’t.

So were the hall’s keep-fit fanatics, who played the guessing game between energetic gasps as they toiled to shed the pounds their chocolate excesses had inflicted.

Was it someone’s anonymous apology? No one could think of a fallout that required such a blanket ‘sorry’.

Perhaps a candidate for village hall committee membership illicitly seeking support with the annual general meeting scheduled for Thursday April 26th? No one could be that desperate!

At least it will liven the annual show of hands – if it doesn’t make it onto the agenda the Easter Bunny’s Benevolence is sure to be the main talking point!


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