*Britain CAN ban EU nationals *American view of Brexit debate


IF only ONE good thing came out of the frightening and humiliating football fan violence that erupted at Euro 2016 it was this: EU member states have a clear, unfettered right to deport and ban citizens of other EU countries.

Six England fans, the BBC and Mirror and other media reported, we jailed for jailed for their part in the pre-game violence and, more importantly, BANNED FROM ENTERING FRANCE FOR A PERIOD OF TWO YEARS.

So who says that membership of the EU prevents us from deciding which Europeans can and can’t enter or live here? If French courts can issue deportation orders and bans on future entry then so can British judges.

So who stops the application of this EU-supported law in Britain? Could it be that our Home Office is not up to the job?
And does this not remove a major plank of the Leave supporters’ argument?

An American View of the Brexit debate

imageI THOUGHT you might care to read a New York Times column discussing the pros and cons of the Brexit debate.

It is, as one rightly expects from the NYT, fair journalism, untouched by scaremongers from either side and pretty well clear of figures and predictions, either real or imaginary; an outsider’s view of an issue which only partially affects the United States.

Whether you are for or against Brexit, this makes an interesting read…



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