It’s out! “Ballad of Betrayal”, the rollicking sequel to Bernard Trafford’s historical adventure novel “Song for a Spy”, is now published.

The sequel to Song for a Spy is out: what are you waiting for?

It’s true. The wait is over. Those of you wanting to know what happened next to young Lorenzo next can now find out!

Look, be fair: Song for a Spy, the first novel in the series featuring Lorenzo, choirboy-turned-lawyer’s clerk-turned-troubadour-turned spy, was only published in 2018, so maybe readers shouldn’t complain too much about waiting two years for the sequel. Besides, lucky Voice of the North readers got to read it, serialised, this year.

Last week, Voice of the North gave you a little taster of the sequel’s opening: just click to whisk yourself back to it for a reminder. Anyway, if you were impatient, now you can get straight online at Amazon and buy Ballad of Betrayal in a flash. You can get it downloaded instantly on Kindle or, if you prefer, get the paperback through your letterbox in a matter of a couple of days. Just click here.

Did you somehow miss Song for a Spy? From tomorrow (Tuesday) for a week you can download a Kindle copy for a mere 99p: or you can order the paperback, of course.

So what will the sequel bring for those who want to follow Lorenzo’s fortunes?

He’s bound to find himself frequently in horrendous danger and extricating himself and his friends from the narrowest of scrapes. There’s a race against time to save a hostage, there are battles, torture, single combat – and, of course, you can be pretty sure that the young romantic fool, always in search of love and its physical expression, will lose his heart to a beautiful woman.

Several of the characters you got to know in Song for a Spy return, so Lorenzo is not the only one to grow and deepen in this second chronicle of his adventures as between them they are obliged to come to terms with pain, sacrifice, loss and the true meaning of heroism.

What’s not to like? Order your copy of Ballad of Betrayal online at Amazon now! Just click here.



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