2.4million disabled Blue Badge drivers have lost their EU rights prematurely. Why?

The new Blue Badge, minus European star symbols, which seems to indicate that the UK's disabled drivers are already out of Europe. Who knew?

TWO-AND-A-HALF MILLION disabled UK Blue Badge holders have been deprived of their most important rights by being frogmarched out of the EU prematurely.

That’s 4.3 per cent of Britain’s mostly elderly citizens who are discovering as they renew their disabled driver permits that they no longer bear the reassuring starry circle of the EU which entitled them to the same parking rights across the Continent and in Ireland as they do here in the UK.

A recent entry on the Citizens Advice Bureau website <www.citizensadvice.org.uk> gave this Brexit warning:

“If the UK leaves the EU with no deal your blue badge might not be accepted in Europe. If you see local police or parking officials it’s worth checking you can use your badge before you park.”

Some important questions before a chunk of the electorate loses its mobility:

WHO organised the redesigned Blue Badge and on what authority was the EU symbol excluded?

WHAT was the cost of rage redesign?

WHY was it deemed necessary to reject the EU before the upcoming general election which might well result in a Remain/Revoke decision?

WHAT part did party politics play?

HOW much will a re-redesign cost if the UK rejects the no-deal leave option?

So who knew? A search through Google revels no mention of an EU-less Blue Badge. All the images discoverable feature the old European symbols.

The old Blue Badge, plainly showing the EU membership symbol in the bottom right corner

A message today from Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for my constituency of Berwick upon Tweed and doubtless echoed countrywide by Prime Minister Johnson’s on-message wannabes, read:

But how many of those 634 are disabled and understand the chronic everyday difficulties of life in a wheelchair or on walking sticks and frames that a Blue Badge can help alleviate?

Do we really want to get Brexit done at any price?


  1. To answer your question at end :
    No I do not want to get Brexit done.
    Is the best strategy for the UK

  2. Reform, Andy? Cameron had a go at that, got nowhere, and that is why we are coming out.
    The EU is a once half-decent organisation (the Common Market) that has fallen into the hands of corrupt bureaucrats and modern lying politicians.
    Once we get out, perhaps we can persuade others to start a new Europe of independent nations who watch each others’ backs! No, forget I said that. The only way we will get a decent new Europe is by waiting until the old one falls into ruin. Won’t be long to wait.


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