Hot towels, no chat: my Dad’s idea of a heavenly haircut!


A day to remember. . . my dad having his hair cut and a wet shave with hot towels – the sort of luxurious treat you might expect in London or even Newcastle but NOT, perhaps, in Ashington!

Dad gets the badger brush soap treatment
Dad gets the badger brush soap treatment
. . .then the cut-throat razor sweeps into action. . .
. . .and a new man is born after “the best shave I ever had!”

The guys who have set up this enterprising little local barber shop are Kurds, and that’s where I made my first mistake.

“Are you Turks?” I asked innocently.

“Nooooo!” they chorused. But what a credit to themselves and to their families for getting on and doing something about working for a living. They were absolutely delightful, despite having limited English, which must be difficult for them.

They have set up their shop – I think it is called RZR Barbers – at the Stakeford shops on Ashington Drive. Do yourselves a favour, gents, and drop in for a hot chin and short back ‘n’ sides.

My dad’s verdict – praise indeed – named it “the best haircut i have EVER had”. And he’s HAD a few!

He fell sound asleep shorly after I took this photo, bless him. All that pampering took it out of him a bit!


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