Dear Denise, were you right to oppose the UK admitting unaccompanied refugee children?

Denise, the beating heart of Voice of the North and the inspiration behind its creation

ONE of the kindest, most compassionate women I ever met warned against the very act of charity which Britain began to enact this week when it admitted the first fourteen of a planned 387 unaccompanied refugee children into our country.

The late, great and very much missed agony aunt Denise Robertson warned against lonely child refugees being encouraged to swamp European countries, only to disappear in their tens of thousands into the arms of child traffickers and a life of drugs and prostitution.

Her fear was that the very children we were trying to help might be damaged in the process; any danger to our own society would have been the last thing on her mind.

But was she correct? Will her very real fears prove correct? Read what she wrote in June, HERE on the website she helped found shortly before her death. It is a passionate and committed argument meant to do good, not spread prejudice.

When she died I paid tribute to a wonderful woman and we carry her wise but, tragically few words on these pages to this day. Privately, despite the plethora of facts she gathered and shared, I disagreed with my friend. But will she be proved correct.

Is admitting unaccompanied refugee children to this country – an act reminiscent of the World War 2 ‘kindertransport’ which saved so many Jewish children – the action of a loving and compassionate nation or an act of folly which puts juveniles into greater danger than the horror from which they fled?

Read Denise’s words. Then remind yourself of all she stood for.

Then add your thoughts below: was Denise Right or Wrong?



  1. how many of these bearded so called migrant children who look more like adults in there 20s are you taking in banks in your nice little village,none you cretiness thick sick leftist moron.

  2. ok david banks,i heard you tonight on the press preview on radio 5 live,and what a fine decent caring man you are,here is my proposal to you,can you organise an emergency meeting today in your village hall and plead to your fellow villagers to accept at least 100 migrants into your village from the calais camp that is being shut down on monday,i suggest you could put up at least 2 migrants yourself in your pad to show what a man of compassion and humanity you are,also,think about the benefits of diversity and multi culturism that your village will be enriched by if you have just 100 of these poor desperate migrants making a new life in your could even take a few down your local for a couple of pints.but that could be a bit of a problem because they are all muslim i would guess, but still,you are a man of humanity and compassion david banks,i suggest you and the wealthy middle class do your bit and take a bit of the burden off the poor,deprived,working class citys and towns who have taken there fair share of migrants and asylum seekers in the past,surely you agree with my proposal,surely you will ?


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