Manners maketh the man, parasols don’t come over as presidential


GREAT NEWS! One of Voice of the North’s most popular contributors, TV producer/mogul Tom Gutteridge, whose work on a new telly super-show in the Hollywood Hills has kept him off the keyboard for a while, has weighed in with this wonderful piece of political pictorial reportage. . .

A photo doing the rounds is providing the latest proof that Donald Trump is facing an uphill struggle to persuade the US electorate that he is at all as presidential as US-born Barack Obama [US-born? Well, The DONALD did have us wondering for the past five years about where the Guy in the White House was delivered from, didn’t he?).

Anyway, the photos apparently totally prove that while POTUS – President of the US if you’re a CIA man – didn’t come down in the last shower of rain he at least knows better than to have his Secret Service man lavish rain protection on HIM while the woman known to the CIA as FLOTUS – First Lady of the US – is in danger of floating away.

Not so the ungallant wannabe with the flyaway headpiece that must be protected at all times while his female companion is left to wade through the downpour.

“Sometimes a single photo collage is all you need to know about a man’s character,” runs the caption on the Facebook page that’s taken America by storm (excuse the pun!).

“Maybe Trump’s hair is held on by soluble glue,” muses Our Man in Tinseltown.

Oh golly! Even a President needs a brolly. . .
Oh golly! Even a President needs a brolly. . .

Of course, even POTUS has his moments under the military’s protective umbrella but then he IS at a lectern on the White House lawn and there isn’t a lady, First or otherwise, around who’s in need of protection, so why not accept a helping hand? Meanwhile, given the CIA man’s gallantry in the face of overwhelming raindrops his colleagues have created a special acronym alongside those of POTUS and FLOTUS.

He is, apparently A(real)GENT.



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