Saturday, May 18, 2024
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What a beautiful day – for a spot of positivity.

“What a beautiful day…..” What a beautiful day for filling your trousers with ice-cream, sticking a cherry on your head and saying, “How’s that for...

If Hitler had won the war? We’d all be mumbling.

So what would have happened if Hitler had won the Second World War and successfully invaded Britain? The question has been posed by many...

JAM yesterday, JAM tomorrow: never JAM today.

As Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen explains to Alice, in Through the Looking Glass, you can have jam every other day: jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow; but never jam today. Ahead...

Mavericks, nutters, but no true leaders

"Cameron is no Gandhi," wrote Keith Hann yesterday. He’s right! But who is a great leader in our time? So many disappoint. Meanwhile, those...