Saturday, June 22, 2024
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Brexit: total catastrophe or timely cure for obesity?

Social media has become a global echo chamber that hugely magnifies our collective unhappiness. Where once we might have grumbled to our neighbours in...

Brexit debate: passing beyond satire

Okay, this is the last blog I shall write before the EU referendum. I cannot wait for next Friday. I dread our voting for a...

I’m taking Voltaire’s advice on the EU Referendum: Cultivate your garden

VOLTAIRE'S Candide had the work/life balance just about right: “We must cultivate our garden,” he responded to the relentless assertion of Pangloss, his erstwhile...

Geoffrey Who? But his EU debate SHAMES our politicians’ lies

BARRING extraordinary coincidence, you will never have heard of Geoffrey White. Neither had I until today, when I came across his Facebook views on...

Democracy, David Cameron, Project Fear and the big lie

It is no wonder that people are disillusioned with democracy. Who, faced with a straight choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, would not...