Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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JAM yesterday, JAM tomorrow: never JAM today.

As Lewis Carroll’s Red Queen explains to Alice, in Through the Looking Glass, you can have jam every other day: jam yesterday, and jam tomorrow; but never jam today. Ahead...

How old is old?

How old is old? I’ve never thought age matters much. To be sure, when I was a young teacher I thought the head, well...

Goggling in disbelief

The political meltdown continues. We find ourselves watching, goggling in disbelief, as one party hands out to cronies, and the other continues to destroy...

Democracy, David Cameron, Project Fear and the big lie

It is no wonder that people are disillusioned with democracy. Who, faced with a straight choice between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, would not...

David Cameron loves Godzone

IDENTIKIT press releases from the Downing Street press office under Prime Minister David Cameron’s byline were sent to a number of regional newspapers extolling...