Friday, June 5, 2020
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The pie’s the thing

The pie’s the thing. Forgive my expropriation of Shakespeare’s Hamlet’s reference to “the play” in those terms. But pies, as people seem to say...

Wrong choices in a world turned upside down

Have we now turned our political world upside down? I only ask because we appear to be making so many wrong choices. Currently UK politics...

If Hitler had won the war? We’d all be mumbling.

So what would have happened if Hitler had won the Second World War and successfully invaded Britain? The question has been posed by many...

Helen is innocent and The Archers has done an incalculable service

THE verdict is in: Helen Titchener is innocent of attempting to murder her husband and walks from court a free woman. If you’re not a...

Revolutionary BBC Charter: swap all the clocks!

PETER MORTIMER on the real problem with Auntie: she can't tell the time! THE chattering classes’ discussions on plans for a new BBC charter have,...

U-turn, climbdown or sensible decision?

When the Murdoch press screams headlines such as BBC stars keep pay deals secret after government climbdown or The Sun refers in its usual...

The Northern Powerhouse: much more than roads and trains

It’s always great to see media discussion of the Northern Powerhouse. Of course, with my northern roots, I’m a tiny bit biased but what...